download (6) A company that has a stable and functioning website with full information concerning the company and the way that they dispose off their waste and the type of waste that they allow on their skips is a way of telling a good skip company from a dysfunctional one. There are not so many laws which regulate skip companies but before hiring one, ensure that they are licensed by the Environmental Agency so that you are sure that they are operating within the boundaries of the law. They also need to be members of the institute of Waste Management so that you are sure that they are professionals and they know what to do with all the waste that they collect from people. With this, you can be sure of getting a very good Sydney Skip Hire Co company.

What You Need to Be Put in a Skip Container

Hazardous wastes include tires, freezers, fridges, batteries and any other electrical equipment. Things which are highly prone to explosion such as gas canisters and hazardous liquids such as oil and any poisonous fluids should never be included with other waste in the skips. It should also be noted that one is not allowed to overfill the skips that have been rented. This means that when hiring one, you need to at least get one that is slightly bigger than the estimation that you have so that you may be sure that you will not overfill it with waste as it will not be collected if overfilled and some of the waste will have to be removed and placed back to your premises.

Hiring a skip is the most easiest, convenient and hassle free way of making sure that any type of waste, be it kitchen, garden or even renovation waste have been disposed off well without causing any damage to the environment.